Growing up and honing his basic chops on a steady diet of classic metal and hard rock like Iron Maiden, Guns n Roses and Metallica, Staffan Lundholm aka DRxSLAMx also got his uncanny speed and control cultivated to more extreme metal acts like Sepultura, Slayer and Exodus to name but a few.

This all resulted in one of the perhaps finest metal drummers Sweden has ever known, with a combined sense of rythm, groove and technicality second to none.

Steadfastly gigging around the Stockholm metal scene through the years with local bands Circle of Chaos and Chainsaw, he really started to make his mark known when King Diamond guitarist Mike Weed handpicked Lundholm to drum for the former’s band Bible Black, touring nordic countries and impressing audiences with the drummers inhuman precision wherever they went.

2014 marked the year that Staffan was recruited to hometown thrash metal-heroes Dr. Living Dead! following the departure of their then drummer Thomas Daun (formerly of Dismember). Asking around town for recommendations of a suitable replacement, only one name really ever kept coming back in the discussion.

Jumping aboard the TEAMxDEADx and quickly rising to fame as a most superb musician following Dr Living Dead’s major label debut “Crush The Sublime Gods” (Century Media 2015), Lundholm now under the alias DRxSLAMx really started to raise eyebrows with crowds and other bands alike while continuosly playing shows all over Europe at prestigious festivals such as Brutal Assault and With Full Force, completing a full 6 week-tour of the continent with label mates Angelus Apatrida and greek thrashers Suicidal Angels; he finally even crossed the pond to play a successful tour of Brazil in 2016.


2017 sees Dr Living Dead releasing their 4th full length album “Cosmic Conqueror” on Century Media Records, fully showcasing not only DRxSLAM’s jaw dropping mastery of the drumming throne on all 11 tracks of neck breaking tempos and unexpected turns; but also his engineering and pre-production skills as all of the drums were recorded in his private home studio. A european tour as well as summer festival dates will follow the release of this game changer of an album.



Look out on tour for this half man/half machine, and don't let the mask scare you, he’s even more handsome in person.

Get ready to Slam, assimilated by TEAMxDEADx.